What is it?

Christians Count has been set up by ordinary people who are passionate about their Christian faith, and care deeply about the country and the society in which they live.

Christians Count is reaching to connect with Christians from all denominations, and political parties, so that the politicians hear our voice on key issues, and so that Christians can be counted in the politics of the UK.

2016... A year of such profound potential change

The months ahead could see a huge change in the constitutional make-up of the UK. It's vital that believers are fully engaged in this process; considering carefully and prayerfully the choices, and then exercising that democratic right and voting. What an opportunity - imagine all believers engaging and voting - a great impact would be made. Make sure you use your vote.

In May 2016, all the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Island will elect their politicians, as well as London voting for a new Mayor. But then at the end of June, all of the UK will have the opportunity to decide the constitutional relationship between the UK and European in a referendum - do we want to remain in the European Union (EU) or leave it.

Depending on the result of the EU referendum, then there may be a call for a further referendum in Scotland regarding independence. So 12 months from now, we could be living, working and worshipping in a country with a very different relationship both within our borders and beyond. As believers, called by God to go into all the world, instructed to engage with the world in which we live, then it's important we take our responsibility seriously.

Watch out for resources to help you - both on the website and on the Christians Count Facebook page facebook.com/ChristiansCount/

This is such a strategically important year. We see in the pages of the Bible the out workings of a strategic God. God always has a plan. On one occasion recorded in the Old Testament God's strategy was to send the musicians into battle first. On another occasion, he laid out a battle plan and told the army where to lay in ambush.

And so what is God's strategy for 2016 and beyond? Simply this, using the church to impact society and politics. Ordinary men and women standing up, voting, speaking out, pulling together and realising that they can make a difference.

This is the year to vote, to find out about the candidates and issues and use your vote intelligently for the wider good of society, not just focusing on a narrower view of what is good for a particular individual.

This is the year to find out about the issues and be equipped with information so you can engage proactively and sensibly in the important debates.

This is the year for the church to rise up and be seen to be relevant and to be involved in current topics.

This is the year for church leaders across all denominations to be encouraged and equipped to bring these matters to the attention of their churches.

This is the year for a groundswell of encouraged and equipped believers to engage in rational debate and to help bring to the attention of our political leaders, the answers that society is desperate searching for.

This is the year, the strategically important year, for individuals to come together to make a difference.

What could your church do - well, here's a couple of ideas: could your church host a 'hustings' event - a venue so your congregations and people from the surrounding community hear the choices in the forthcoming elections and referendum, or could your church use your transport to take the more immobile people to the polling station (whoever they will vote for) - these activities show society that Christians want to be engaged with what is going on around them in a relevant and practical way, and will offer great chances to reach out to those in your community as well.

Consider what you could do in this year, what part should you be playing to help bring about the sort of society we want to see. Sign up to our mailing list, and watch this space to get ideas and information to help you help others in this strategically important year.

Our purpose

We aim to:

  • Be a voice in politics for those who have no voice
  • Support those (of any party) who are in public service
  • Provide practical answers, suggestions and ideas
  • Build meaningful relationships with those who want dialogue
  • Create forums for mentoring, and friendly connections
  • Gather and report on emerging trends

What can I do?

Register your name now and add your voice to the many thousands who already want to be counted. By registering you will be demonstrating your support for the aims of Christians Count and strengthening our voice as a body that represents Christians. There is not necessarily any time or resource commitment, simply an indication of interest and concern, and once registered you will receive a regular news letter to keep you up to date.