About Us

Christians Count was started as an initiative within the churches of the Destiny Ministry network, but we have a strong desire to represent Christians across all churches and from all political backgrounds.

Christians Count itself is politically neutral, and is an initiative that aims to equip, empower and give confidence to all Christians so that they realise they can make a difference in politics and public life by engaging with the politicians and other leaders.

Jesus taught about his Kingdom (or rule) on earth at the beginning, during and at the end of his three years of ministry. The concept of Kingdom goes beyond the church and should extend into all areas of our lives and our communities and society, including into politics.

We believe that Christians need to re-engage in politics in a positive and beneficial way. After all, we are convinced that the truths put forward in the Bible, which have benefitted many previous generations, are hugely profitable for the wellbeing of all who live here right now. We want to give the tools and vocabulary for all Christians to engage in rational and reasonable debate about issues that matter and to support our elected politicians.

Christians Count brings a unique approach, from a strong church base, with the vision of producing well equipped and encouraged Christians and Pastors, helping ordinary Christians realise that they can make a difference. Christians Count is not about lobbying, or being another 'project', but is about changing the culture amongst Christians.

Christians Count is building links with many other Christian organisations involved in politics. Bill Baird, Manager for CARE for Scotland, has said

"Christians Count is an innovative venture with the aim of encouraging greater involvement by Christians in public affairs. CARE for Scotland looks forward to future cooperation with Christians Count as we seek to fulfill our shared objectives."