Praise, Pray & Positive Christian Debate at the Heart of Government


Praise, pray and discussion - a powerful combination that came together on February 26th, when about 150 people gathered in the Scottish Parliament building. The reason: Parliamentary Prayer for Scotland - Engaging Faith and Politics conference.

It was an amazing, challenging and interesting day with many organisations represented, with Andy Witty, Director, representing Christians Count.

The day started with worship and a welcome from three MSPs - Murdo Fraser, Karen Gillan and Dave Thompson. Dave Thompson then gave a moving testimony of how he became a Christian.

The main speaker in the morning was Rev David Robertson, a Free Church Minister from Dundee. He spoke about the relationship between church and state - encouraging us to look at the differences between them both, as well as the challenges for Christians living in a more secular world - charging us to be people of faith in whatever area we find ourselves.

For many the highlight of the day was the opportunity to pray and worship in the main parliament chamber. When the Parliament began the decision was taken to have no Christian prayers at the beginning of each day - so for us it was a joy to sing praise to God and call on His name from the actual decision making chamber itself. It was also an opportunity to pray for those who would be occupying the seats as our representatives following the May election.

In the afternoon our own Director, Andy Witty led a lively question time / hustings debate with representatives from all 4 main parties, the Christian party and an independent panel member - which gave us all a lot to think about. All together a memorable day.

Neil Brady
Christians Count

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