How should a christian decide who to vote for

A few do's:

Prayerfully consider your options

Make a decision from a place of as much knowledge as you can. This could include some of the following:

Know who your candidates are and which party they represent. Follow this link for the European election candidates

Check out the voting record on moral issues for those who were MPs previously

Dip in and out of the document produced by the Christian Institute, CARE, the Evangelical Alliance and others - see the section of the website on Links to other organisations- to see how the main parties compare on Christian principles

Attend a Hustings event that are usually held just before an election or referendum. Watch websites for organisations like the Evangelical Alliance and CARE - see the Links section on this website

Look past the personalities, and get to the policies

Ask 'what policies offer most opportunity for Christian principles to be introduced', rather than ask 'what policies are in my own best interest?'

Each person should decide the key areas that are important for them and see which party, in their view, looks best to deliver in that area. Remember, in casting a vote Christians are not necessarily endorsing every item of policy of the party they vote for.

There can also be occasions when you may consider it more appropriate to vote for the person who can best represent your views, irrespective of the party they represent. You may feel it is better to vote for an exceptional candidate who shares your Christian views across a range of moral issues even if they are standing for a party which you would not naturally support.

A couple of dont's:

Do not just rely on the headlines of newspapers

- they are often pursuing a political agenda of their own

Do not be swayed by just one event or piece of information