Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I bother voting as my vote does not really make a difference?

Our engagement in the political system can help bring integrity and service back to the heart of democracy. In order to speak and act effectively, it is necessary to be involved in bringing a positive message for people. This involves Christians making sure they are involved, and is part of bringing God's Kingdom (or rule) into the world. Jesus spoke many times about the importance of his Kingdom.

How can I vote for a party or person when I do not agree with all they stand for?

The vast majority of people, whoever they are, do not agree with everything a particular party stands for. But each person should decide the key areas that are important for them and see which party, in their view, looks best to deliver in that area.

There can also be occasions when you may consider it more appropriate to vote for the person who can best represent your views, irrespective of the party they represent.

The gospel message is relevant to every area of our lives, including our political life, and we should bring Godly wisdom into our decisions, along with an attitude of humility.

Aren't all politicians just interested in themselves?

During the last year the reputation of politics was severely damaged because of the conduct of some politicians; some were exposed as not always appearing to have the most honourable of motives. However, the majority of those people in public service have taken a decision to serve our community or nation, with the intention of doing so to the best of their ability. The Bible instructs us to support and prayer for those in authority, so we need to play our part.