Why our voice needs to be counted?

We as Christians do not want special treatment; only equal opportunity and fair play in society. We think our thoughts, arguments and opinions stand scrutiny, strong debate and rational discussion.

This is an opportunity for those voting people to make their voice heard. We want people of different views, faiths and ways of life to enjoy the freedom to live alongside others in a way they choose, but we also want the freedom to be Christians, and speak up on issues, just as others do, on things we think matter. We are no longer prepared to be ignored by politicians, or to be marginalised in our own nation.

We are here to make a difference on many important issues facing our world. We believe that there are answers for so many of our dilemmas.

Why Christians Count?

We are convinced that the truths put forward in the Bible, which have benefitted many previous generations, are hugely profitable for the wellbeing of all who live here right now. We are of the view that most of our great social institutions were started by people of a similar conviction.

We regret that at times Christians have been unable to engage in a rational reasonable debate about serious issues, and have miscommunicated to many the heart of God for people of all kinds. Further, we have been guilty of using a language and vocabulary to express our views often misunderstood understood by others.

We are also concerned that Christians are now being marginalised by our politically correct society, and thousands of Christians claim that they are often the victims of a silent persecution, where they are frowned upon or penalised for speaking up about the things that they consider to matter most.

Yet Christians are at the forefront of social change, with thousands of projects running though out the country paid for by the man-hours and financial contributions of ordinary people. This is worth billions to the economy. Further, at least 70% of the UK claims to believe in God, and at least 6 million voting people have a church connection.

Why supporting our politicians?

We also think that those in public service have taken a decision to serve our community or nation - most with the intention of doing so to the best of their ability. And so we commit to pray for them and appreciate their endeavours. We are not here to take a cheap shot at any leader or party or score political points when they are down. Christians Count is not connected to any political party, and is a non-partisan organisation.